Medical Research Overview

Safety and Performance

NeuroShield is the first technology that uses the body’s own physiology to help stabilize the brain. The device applies light pressure to the neck which in turn mildly increases blood volume to the venous structures around the brain. Studies have shown that wearing the collar appears to reduce the movement of the brain inside the skull and in turn, protect the brain structures within it.

Bauer has licensed the NeuroShield technology from Q30 Innovations, LLC who has sponsored studies conducted by researchers affiliated with leading academic and medical institutions, including Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, University of Toronto, NorthShore University Health Systems, University of Cincinnati, Ohio State University, West Virginia University, Mayo Clinic and Harvard University. These research studies support the safety and performance of the NeuroShield. There is no indication that the small amount of increased blood volume created by NeuroShield has any negative impacts on health or athletic performance.

Medical Advisors

NeuroShield was brought to life by a team of medical experts from different specialties. An internist, an anesthesiologist, and a neurosurgeon leveraged their expertise to revolutionize a new approach to head protection. From ideation to creation, the NeuroShield has involved more than seven years of research and development. Meet the team of experts.

Dr. Bailes

Julian Bailes, M.D.
Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery; NorthShore University Health System; Medical advisor and shareholder, Q30 Innovations, LLC

Throughout his 20-year career Dr. Bailes has leveraged his medical expertise to help keep athletes safe. From his time as team doctor for the Pittsburgh Steelers to his current advisory roles with the NFL Players Association and Pop Warner Football, Inc., Dr. Bailes has played an important role as advocate for athlete safety. His success as a neurosurgeon and experience with brain injuries has put him on par with the best minds in the world regarding brain injury. Recently, Dr. Bailes was part of the 26-member panel of medical experts who convened in Berlin, Germany to discuss and agree on the fifth consensus statement on concussion in sports. Dr. Bailes provided key safety and efficacy research guidance to the development of the NeuroShield collar. Through his role as a medical advisor to the developer of NeuroShield, he continues to support athletes to try to keep them safe and playing the sports they enjoy.

Dr. Smith

David Smith, M.D.
Founder, TBI Innovations LLC, Inventor of the NeuroShield technology

During his 30-year medical career, Dr. Smith has served as Chief of Medicine at Reid Hospital and Healthcare Services, and has founded both Xennovate Medical LLC and TBI Innovations LLC. His firm background in analytical chemistry (with an emphasis in physics), affixed to his medical degree and internal medical career, has allowed him to bring a better understanding of energy interactions and impartations to the human body. Inspired by nature’s woodpecker, Dr. Smith is credited with inventing the NeuroShield technology.

Dr. Fisher

Joseph Fisher, M.D.
Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Anesthesiology, University of Toronto, Co-inventor of NeuroShield technology

Dr. Fisher holds the rank of Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto and Senior Scientist at the Toronto General Research Institute. He has specialty certification in both Internal Medicine and Anesthesiology. He has been involved in basic science in physiology for 25 years. His current research interests are in neuroscience, particularly the relationship between brain vascular biology and neurological disease. He has written more than 175 scientific publications. He contributed to the conception and invention of the NeuroShield and participated in proof of concept studies, as well as investigations of its safety.

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